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Space Planning
This service allows us to complement your project by marrying the exterior of your property with the design of the interior. We will work with you and your architect to create a floor plan for your internal structure.

Conceptual Design & Creative Direction
We will review your space and create the perfect creative design for you. From space planning, to interior design and architecture, we’ll conceptualise everything you need to make your project a reality.

3D Visualisation
This service allows you to see a CGI rendered layout of your project. This is a great tool as it gives you a visual view of the project, which makes decision making simpler.

Construction Documentation
We will draw up, approve, and monitor all necessary project documentation, including floor plans, elevations, sections and construction details.

Interior Design
No property is complete without the final touches. We’ll complement your space with the perfect furniture design, fabric selection, lighting design, accessories and artwork. Our expert knowledge of what complements your structural design allows us to perfect your interior with all the right finishing’s.

Site Supervision
We at House of Gargoyle know that no project can be completed without good supervision. We can’t expect the end result to be perfect if we don’t monitor it ourselves. That’s why members of our team will make periodic site visits to assess the progress of the project, as well as the quality of the work.

The House of Gargoyle team have a relationship with the best in the industry. This means we are able to source the best equipment, finishing’s, contractors, and the qualified people for the project. We will make sure you get the best out of your budget without compromising quality, and ensure the perfect marriage of design and implementation.

Architectural Services
Our architectural service is a 6 stage process that is implemented to bring your vision to life from beginning to end. This stage system ensures that every element of your project is completed legally and undertaken with your requirements in mind.

We begin by discussing your project needs. Budget, timeline, and any constraints will be taken into account and the project will move to the concept stage.

Concept Design
At this stage, you will sit with one of our expert designers and a design for the space will be drawn up.

Design Development
All technical elements will be addressed in this stage. Local and statutory authorities will review the design, and material and means of construction will be discussed and reviewed.

Documentation Procurement
We will procure all necessary documentation and submit all documentation to the relevant authorities for approval.

In this stage, we administer the construction of your project. We issue construction documentation and inspect the work as it’s being carried out.

Close Out
We close out your project by handing over all relevant documentation and certificates.